Recharge Activities & Rates

Proposal forms, guidelines, and further detail for the development of activities and rates. 

The documents below should be completed and submitted to the office of the dean, vice chancellor or vice provost (D/VC/VP) for approval. If necessary, the D/VC/VP will forward to BIA. For detailed instructions about rate calculations, follow the step-by-step guide, Recharge Operation Workbook-General Guidance (PDF). 

Worksheet 5.0 updates are listed on the last tab in the workbook.

For details on major aspects of rate development, non-university clients, recharge activity approval process, managing recharge activity and recharge activity review, refer to (updated guidance pending). 

Recharge Committee Meeting Schedule 2021-22

Meeting Date Time
Common Goods Assessment review for FY23 5/23/22 2pm
Information & Educational Technology (IET):  Application Development TBD TBD
Information & Educational Technology (IET):  Data Center TBD TBD
Information & Educational Technology (IET):  CGA Voice & Data Services TBD TBD



Policies and Procedures

Chapter 340, Section 25 of the PPM applies to the overall establishment, approval, operation and review of recharge activities. This document summarizes the overall policies, responsibilities and procedures associated with recharge activities. For a more detailed explanation of recharge rates and rate development, see the Detailed Guidelines for Recharge Activities and Rates.