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Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail Account Code Request Form

Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail Account Code Request Form


To add or change the association of a 4-character alphanumeric Detail Code to departmental revenue accounts (the Detail Code may be associated with a departmental expense account if the criteria in Section 330-50 are met).

Note: Care should be taken not to confuse this 4-character alphanumeric Detail Code administered by Student Accounting and used in the Banner Accounts Receivable System with the 4-digit KFS Billing ID. These are two distinct numbers. When someone adds or changes this 4-character alphanumeric Detail Code, the change will NOT affect the 4-digit KFS Billing ID. However, if a department meets the requirements of Section 330-50, and is using an expense account to record the credit associated with the UC Davis Invoice, the department may request that the 4-character Detail Code be the same number as the 4-digit DaFIS Billing ID number.

Account Information
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