Request Data

BIA routinely provides aggregated data about our students, faculty, and staff. For data at a lower level of detail, a special request must be completed.

Request Student Data: The web-based SIS Decision Support System offers easy to use parameter-driven reports for people affiliated with UC Davis. The initial SIS Decision Support reports pertain to overall enrollment statistics, student course enrollments, and instructional workload statistics. For detailed student data, you must complete a Student Data Request Form. The form will be reviewed by the Office of the University Registrar. Making a request does not imply that it will be fulfilled.

Access Campus Data Warehouse: Currently, the focus of the warehouse is on students, courses, and instruction-related data. Reports and data extracts can be created from the Campus Data Warehouse by using query tool software such as BrioQuery, Crystal Reports, MS Access or SQL-Plus. Forms for requesting access are available in the IA Forms section.


For Access and Technical Questions, please email: