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Tax Reporting & Compliance

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Ensuring compliance and minimizing liability.

The mission of the UC Davis Tax Reporting & Compliance unit is to minimize the university's tax liability and ensure compliance with institutional tax withholding and reporting obligations.

We consult with campus personnel and affiliates to resolve tax issues specific to departmental needs and manage audits by external tax authorities. Our team also serves as an internal tax advisor to central administrative units such as Accounts Payable, Accounting Services, Payroll, Purchasing, and Student Business Services.

General Tax Reporting Information

  • What is UC Davis’s tax status and federal tax identification number?
  • The University of California was formed in the pursuant Article IX, Section 9 of the Constitution of the State of California.   The University qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under IRS Code section 501 (c)(3).   More information about the University's tax status is available here.

    The federal taxpayer identification numbers (TIN) assigned to the University of California, Davis by the Internal Revenue Service is 94-6036494.
  • What is UC Davis’s California tax identification number?
  • UC Davis’s state taxpayer ID assigned by the state is 935-0501-4.
  • What is UC Davis’s sellers permit number?
  • UC Davis’s sellers permit number is SR-Y-JHF-29-047481.
  • If I am processing a document that will impact the TR&C accounts, is it helpful if I include the project code associated with my department program/ employee?
  • Please do not include project codes when impacting the TR&C accounts