If a check is not honored by the bank and is returned to the university, the consequences are serious.

  • The service charge for returned check collection is $25.00 per item-regardless of the amount of the check or the reason it was returned.
  • If a check is written to pay registration fees that are returned after the published registration deadlines the student will be charged an additional $110.00 late payment of fees or dropped from classes. 
  • Checks that do not pay when presented at the bank will not be resubmitted for payment.
  • Returned checks will be billed to the Banner accounts receivable system.
  • Campus-wide check writing privileges will be suspended until the item is paid.
  • Campus-wide check writing privileges will be permanently suspended if five or more checks are returned.


Payment for returned checks requires guaranteed funds in the form of a cashier's check or cash only.

If the returned check is not paid there are two consequences:

  • A hold will be placed on university services which include prohibiting the registration, mailing of transcripts, and receipt of financial aid.
  • The returned check can be turned over to the Yolo County District Attorney's Office for collection.

Bank Error

Checks returned because of bank error require a letter from the bank to be sent to:

Cashier & Payment Solutions Office
University of California, Davis
PO Box 989062
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062

The bank must include the account number from the university bill or the student identification number.