Accounting & Financial Reporting Forms



Intercampus Order / Charge (IOC) (XLS)This form is used for the billing of financial expenses for goods and/or services between UC Campuses or between a UC Campus and the UC Office of the President (UCOP).
Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF) (XLS)This form is used strictly for budgetary transfers for a specified project or program between two UC Campuses or between one UC Campus and the UC Office of the President (UCOP).
Lien Clearing Request Form (Webform)When a PO is closed or a PE is reversed and a lien remains, this form is submitted to General Accounting so the lien can be manually removed.
Request for Agency Account (PDF)This document is used to identify the external entity that is requesting the agency account, identify the purpose of the account, how it is being funded and to whom left over funds (if any) will be disbursed or overdrafts (if any) will be paid.  Additionally the form has the requisite approval signatures.
Supply Inventory Rep Letter (PDF)This letter is to record fiscal close supply physical inventory counts exceeding $50,000 for departments. PPM: 350-60.