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Organization Document guidance and rules.

The Organization Document is where organizations are established, these are entities, such as departments or activities, that are defined in the financial system for routing and reporting purposes. 

Business rules

  • When creating a new organization the Organization Begin Date must be greater than or equal to today's date.
  • An organization cannot be inactive while there are active accounts or active organizations that report to it.
  • If an organization is made inactive, the Organization End Date is required.
  •  Organization codes must be exactly 4 characters in length and can be any combination of letters and numbers.
  • Organization codes must be unique within a Chart of Accounts.

"Reports To" rules:

  • Org Types must not report to themselves.
  • Org Type 4 (Sub-Department) can only report to 1 (Sub-Department) or 4 (Sub-Department).
  • Org Type 1 (Sub-Department) can only report to D (Department).
  • Org Type D (Department) can only report to G (Department Group), H (Health System), N (Division), R (Central Managed Accounts), S (School or College), or V (Vice-Chancellor).
  • Org Type N (Division) can only report to S (School or College), V (Vice-Chancellor), R (Central Managed Accounts) or H (Health System).
  • Org Types S (School or College), V (Vice-Chancellor) and R (Central Managed Accounts) can only report to C (Campus) or W (Systemwide).
  • Org Type W (Systemwide) can only report to A (Campus Aggregation).
  • Org Type H  (Health System) can only report to A (Campus Aggregation).
  • Org Type C  (Campus) can only report to A (Campus Aggregation).
  • Org Type A (Campus Aggregation) can only report to U (University).
  • Orgs must only report to an Org in the SAME chart.

Organizations for expired accounts

Some departments set up an organization code(s) for expired accounts. If you do this, set them up as an Organization Type Code of 1 (Sub-Department) and this will ensure that the organizations do not appear for review each month on the Management Ledger Review (MLR). All active organizations of Type Code D (Department) or G (Department Group) will show up on the MLR regardless of account activity. Organization codes established for expired accounts should NOT be set up as Type Code D (Department)or G (Department Group). 

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