Handling Problem Liens

How to find, clear, and prevent problem liens

The following guide explains how to find, clear, and prevent problem liens. If you experience problems removing liens contact the FIS Help Desk.


Step 1: Locate Outstanding Liens

  What To Do How To Do it
A. Run a PO Lookup within Kuali to check the PO Status 1. In Kuali find the PO Lookup Function
2. Type the Purchase Order #
3.  If the PO is open, locate the document in Kuali and then close it by clicking the "close order" button. After the document has been fully approved the change will be reflected into the system the next day. AggieBuy PO's should close automatically if the PO is fully matched to the invoice. If your AggieBuy PO remains open check the PO # within KFS to ensure all invoices have been matched and reach out to procure-help@ucdavis.edu for any invoicing questions. If your AggieBuy PO remains open because there were no payments/no activity and there is no "close order" button, reach out to AggieBuy help desk at ab-help@ucdavis.edu to Void the PO.
4. If the PO is closed, proceed to the next step

Note: Verify all invoices were properly matched to the PO. If there are missing invoices which were not matched to the PO, email Procurement Help.

Step 2: Clear Liens

  What to Do How to Do It
A. Identify liens

1. In Decision Support, enter 46 in the Query Jump box
2. Be sure the Fiscal Year is marked to Current.
3. Enter a Chart and Organization Code/Account
4. Make sure the Group on Tracking # box is check-marked
5. Click Process Query

B. Take required action If the PO was closed and a lien is still outstanding after reviewing the DS46 report then submit the Lien Clearing Request Form.

AggieBuy Liens: contact ab-help@ucdavis.edu

Note: For problems not addressed above or not solved using these methods, submit the Lien Clearing Request Form.